Unwind. Unplug. Undone

Y’all, if I can be honest right off the bat and share something. I have spent the last year, eleven months to be exact, typing and rewriting what I thought in my head would be the perfect entry. The perfect story with the perfect title, written with the perfect pen, in the perfect journal. WRONG. I had to come to the realization that my thoughts aren’t going to be perfectly placed in a sentence or even in order on a page. This is no que card.

The Lord showed me a couple things:

There is realness in the rawness.

The Lord has NO timeline.

The Lord does NOT fit within a box.

The Lord NEVER said He would plan to let us down.

Again, just a couple of the many things the Lord has laid on my heart.

Now, lets get down to the meat and potatoes!!

Yet I, a preserved vessel, was simply created by a creator that is crazily creative.

Basking in all His goodness and greatness. Saturated by a blanket of His faithfulness and peace.

For His love, not given to us in pieces, but in full as a blessing; we mistakenly think He withholds.

He is not easily angered or indecisive.

May we stop trying to fit into the framework of society and embrace the masterpiece we were created to be.

It’s time to break down barriers and push through walls. The walls that have put a damper on your imagination and kept you restricted by limitation.

You were simply and purposely created for MORE. A trailblazer.

So, what is it you are after, darling?


To travel is to live...

Five simple words that I feel are either misused or not used enough! When you think about traveling, or finding a new adventure, how do you feel? Does it excite you? Do you immediately start planning with a dozen different ideas running through your head?

“To travel is to live.”

But what does that phrase even mean? Some time ago, someone asked me if I would elaborate on what those five words meant. Jokingly, I replied with “Do you have time?” But I did reply, starting with the analogy of an airplane –a machine that literally sends you flying through the clouds. But there are so many different examples of what traveling means to me, and it’s not always necessarily traveling to a specific and physical destination, although that in itself is amazing. You can experience new adventures every day:


            Getting lost in the woods on a beautiful day

            Exploring a different city or country, immersing yourself in a culture

            Staring in the eyes of new and beautiful people with untold stories, waiting for your ears


Even though all of those examples are great –and there are many more, trust me –one of my favorite examples is that of a bird. Birds are my most favorite animals and some of the most fascinating creatures to watch. Birds never stay in one particular spot for long, always flying –always going somewhere new with confidence in their landing. If only we could be like birds, ready to jump and spread our wings with NO fear of the unknown. With confidence in our landing.


There is a song that’s been on my heart for a while now called “Catch the Wind” by Bethel. Here’s what I resonate with the most:

Like standing on the edge
Of a mountainside
I can feel the wind stirring
Lifting me up high
I was born into freedom
I was made to fly.


I pray that these lyrics resonate with your hearts and encourage your spirits despite your current life placements, situations, or anything in between. I speak against any stagnate spirit that is causing you to hide in fear and encourage you to walk confidently in the freedom found in the Lord. May you be like the bird: free in spirit, confident in landing, and unafraid of the unknown. 




There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, it's been three procrastinated months and here we are today. Let's start out with a little moment of truth, shall we? I may or may not have woken up right before lunch, and may or may not have just finished my once hot cup of coffee. Now that we got that out of the way let's get down to business.


2017- To a year that was filled with expectancy. A year filled with lessons learned, and some taught. To things that changed more than the seasons. To being rocked and wrecked by the Lord. To filled hearts and minds with nothing but good things from Him. To quiet moments, new adventures and experiences. Ending overdue chapters and opening new books. For realizing the beauty and importance of being intentional. For God being more than faithful and constant even when I was not. For gained insight and lost thoughts. I laughed, I cried. I ran both figuratively and physically -lol. I rushed, I sped. I stopped.


2018- I welcome you and embrace you with open arms. To a year of continued expectancy. A year of change, a year of growth, and strength. A year of God still remaining the same and doing everything He said He would and MORE (Eph. 3:20). To a year full of adventures and exploring. To a year holding nothing back. To a year making the words, "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire" reality. To run and stop at nothing. To step out even if the ground is shaky. To lock eyes with the Lord and never take my focus off of Him. And last but not least, to be fully and completely open to what the Lord wants to say and do through me. 



Lord, I thank you for full access to You at all times. I thank You that You speak and move in the midst of those often needed quiet moments. I thank You that You prepare us,  bring us, and carry us to and through all those destinations. I thank You for Your reckless love that is unyielding and unchanging. I thank You for the people that surround me on a daily basis that encourage me and uplift me.  But most of all, I thank You that You remain who You say You are. To another year walking it out with You.




IMG_7282 copy.jpg

You can NEVER have too many journals...

It is now about 9:17 am and I already feel like I put in about an eight-hour workday. I got up with every intention of getting up earlier, but found myself hitting the snooze button three or four more times. After cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the dishes I was done and ready to conqueor what I really got up early to do. As I sit here sipping my once hot now gross and lukewarm tea, this Tuesday morning feels and looks a lot different. Every room in this house is well lit with natural lighitng in the best way possible. I tackled my jungle of a closet and have the next to last load of clothes in the wash. I came back upstairs and to grab my journal, my favorite pen, and began to write. Oh, how I love Tuesdays. Of course, there are a billion thoughts and words in my mind right now. Maybe half of them if not more have to do with the fact I am almost done with this journal. I have had one and a half journals completeted in my lifetime. So let me tell you its a happy feeling. I believe each journal is a book about every journey or season we are currently in. Each journal feels different to write in. How big the lines are, how wide are the page, and most importantly, what does the cover look like. In my opinon, the cover sets the mood and the tone for what to write. Some of the pages have been tear soaked as I sat in the stillness and embraced the goodness of the Lord. Others have been scribbled and ripped out of frustration, and some pages only have got a title.


I thank you, Lord, that through these pages you gave me the love for organzing my thoughts or painting mental pictures verbally. Even though this journal is coming to a close. I can NOT wait for more lessons, answered questions, dreams, words of knowledge, and so much more. 



Find me where the wild things are.....

I did something I haven't done in a while. I went out to explore, to get lost, and to appreciate all of God's beautiful creation. It made me think of something. May we always be as wild as these flowers. To "bloom where we are planted". To find peace, joy, and contentment in whatever season or stage of life we are in. May we find time to smell flowers, absorb the vibrancy of their colors, and the gentle fragrance that they carry. May you also set time to stop and listen to the wind whisper in your ear, to the birds sing their song proudly, and lastly, may you appreciate the breathtaking view in front of you. Of course, we are all busy, but you are never "too busy" to simply do the things you love. 



The explorer. 



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A few of my favorite things...

Here are a couple fun facts to start your Friday  afternoon....Ready? Here we go.

  • I love coffee. I love it piping hot or over some ice, I like my cup with a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of french vanilla creamer. There is something about sipping on coffee while sitting gathering your thoughts for the day that helps put things in order.
  • My favorite superhero would have to be....BATMAN!!! Why you may ask? Because why not?!
  • The Macbook. If you are like me, when you buy something you like to get your money's worth. Just like any of my shoes, I will wear them OUT until the tread is bald or you can see my sock LOL. All that to say is, this little investment was well worth it, even if some say, "you are just paying for the brand name." (womp womp)
  • The journal. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Why limit yourself to only expressing 1,000? Live on the edge and write 1,001 LOL. Anyways, I love to journal, love to write. It started with merely just trying to get my thoughts organized on paper, or making lists of things that were a priority for the day, but there is a whole different world when you write. This journal is extra special to me, it was a gift from a special friend that obviously knows me too well. She handed it to me and I immediately got "misty eyed." It was so perfect, right at that time in my life I was ready to go, go anywhere, explore anything. The journal was very timely and continues to be just that. "To travel is to live," they say, well I can see why. Something about an adventure, an unfamiliar place where you don't know a single soul, to see a whole world outside of your four walls or little town. I LIVE FOR AN ADVENTURE.
  • Last but not least, my camera. My favorite thing in the whole entire world. My documenter, my travel buddy, my "small child." When something becomes a part of your life, it is hard to stay away from it, especially when it has so much meaning or significance behind it. I encourage you all to never stop taking pictures, never stop documenting life, because you never know when you need that one photo for a reference, or a last memory. I was once asked, "Why photography, isn't that a dying field." My response was why, yes it is a "dying field?" but when you have a dream of something a little challenge and/or competition won't scare you away, if anything you hit the ground running....harder! There is something that always melts my heart while capturing a candid picture. Those moments are my absolute favorite. A cloudy day, with a huge open field, and a giggly  little one is my ideal photo shoot. The simplicity of capturing the rawness of emotion with nothing but natural lighting is my FAVORITE. Its more of a,"what you see is what you get." 


He calls me beautiful one...

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way." Song of Solomon 4:7


I remember sitting in the middle of the field, appreciating and embracing the beauty of the "golden hour". We sat there and sobbed over the pages of our book, as we shared vulnerable thoughts with each other. Listening and then reassuring that those lies that we spoke over ourselves or let someone else were completely untrue. Then I remember seeing this. Your radiancy was enhanced by the sunset. "If only you could see what I see", God gently whispered to me, as tears ran down my cheeks. THIS. everything about this. After getting a glimpse of the beauty God holds in His eyes of us and His creation, not once have I ever looked back. So many times we are RUNNING, literally and figuratively. We miss the beauty of things, the beauty of us, the beauty of the Lord. I challenge you to stop, look, and listen lol but no really, I encourage you to really pay attention and appreciate the small things because, I reassure you the "BIG" things are coming!  Stay blessed <3 



Welcome All!!

Hi!! I see you found my blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Here you will find many thoughts, many questions, many dreams, and many encounters with the Lord. I find myself always thinking out loud, I hear it's better than talking to yourself LOL. I LOVE discussions and heart to hearts. After reading my posts please feel free to comment, like, or even share. I would love to hear from all you guys, and look forward to it....anyways, here we go!